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OFRA Cosmetics is the leading supplier in the U.S. for professional make-up portfolios and cases. Portfolios come in a variety of sizes, packed with a variety of make-up. These are the ideal packages for make-up artists and the average person looking for a great quality kit.

Ofra Cosmetics Makeup is a whole new prestigious makeup color collection. Developed with highly advanced mineral powders and plant extracts to create the highest quality products for all skin types. Our colors are long lasting and help your skin look natural and feel soft all day long. Dermatologically tested to be worn on the most sensitive skin types with specific products for problem skin ie rosacea, acne, post-acne, and post-trauma/surgery skin. Create a stunning look with our wide selection of eye, face, and lip colors that last long and stay on beautifully whether you want to create a soft daytime effect or a dramatic evening look. 

All the products are environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.

Professional Large Make-Up Portfolio
Price: $199.99 On Sale for: $189.99

This exclusive Make-up Briefcase is the perfect makeup kit for a beginner makeup artist to a pro on the go! Fully loaded with:

5 Brushes (high quality hairs and the most popular brush types)
4 Moist Lipsticks
2 Eye Liner Pens
2 Lip Liner Pens
1 Mascara
1 Magic Roulette Concealer (5 different colors for a perfect blend)
1 Lip gloss
3 Long Staying Liquid Foundations
6 Wedge Sponges
1 Eye Makeup Remover (1oz)
1 Sharpener
4 Wet/Dry Foundations
4 High Pigment Blushes
23 High Pigment Eyeshadows

Contains over 50 full standard size makeup products acts as a perfect makeup set for any occasion!

Hard Metal Case Dimensions: 8.5" W x 12.75" L x 2.5" D

Professional Make-Up Clear Case
Price: $350
Total of 62 items including Case:

10 Piece Professional Brush Set
2 Eye Liner Pencils
2 Lip Liner Pencils
1 Rainbow Lips (6 colors)
1 Magic Roulette Concealer Wheel (6 colors)
1 Translucent Light Powder
1 Translucent Dark Powder
4 Absolute Cover Liquid Foundations
1 Blush Pallet (6 Blushes 1 Mosaic/Baked)
1 Eye Shadow Pallet (12 colors)
2 Mascaras
2 Lip Gloss
1 Pallet of Wet/Dry Foundation (5 colors)
1 Fixline Eye Liner Gel
1 Clear Case

Professional Make-Up Case
Price: $495
Compact case contains 2 eye shadow pallets with blushes (24 colors); lipstick palette (20 colors); wet/dry foundation palette; 2 mascaras; 3 eye liners; 3 lip liners; 2 loose mineral powders; 2 translucent powders; eye lash curler; tweezers; mixing palette; eye lash set with glue; 12 brushes and cleaner; pencil sharpener; applicators; and eye makeup remover. All palettes have built in mirrors and are magnetic for easy replacement cosmetics.

Professional Make-Up Small Portfolio 
Price: $149
Sturdy aluminum case with latch contains 5 brushes; 2 lipsticks; 1 liquid foundation; 1 tri-pot concealer; 1 eye liner pen; 1 lip liner pen; 1 1ip gloss; 1 mascara; 1 sharpener; 10 eyeshadows; 4 blushes; 4 wet/dry foundations; eye makeup remover.

Professional Slim Case
Price: $900
Case consists of: Liquid Foundations, Eye Shadows, Concealers, Mosaic Powders, Derma Minerals Foundations (micronized-loose), Mineral Eye-Shadows, Bronzing Balls, Lip Glosses, Mascaras, FixLiner Gels, Lip Exfoliator, Vitamin E, Lip sealer, Lip Plumper + more.

Portfolios and Make-Up Cases