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 *Advanced products designed by a research team of specialized Doctors & Chemists, all licensed in the USA & France. *This unique skin care line answers the needs for all skin types in any weather conditions, using technologically advanced formulas specializing in Retinol, Argerline, Vegetable Growth Hormone and Vitamin C. *All laboratories are FDA approved. *All products are made from PLANT, MARINE & VEGETABLE EXTRACTS. *All packaging is recyclable. Products are environmentally friendly. *All products have been tested in a laboratory. No animal testing, no animal ingredients. *All products are suitable for both men and women. *All products have a shelf life of three years. -OFRA Cosmetics Make Up Range- *Suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Hypoallergenic and long lasting. *Moisturizing lipsticks in a wide variety of colors. *Eye shadow selection of velvety matte and shimmer including loose mineral shadows. *Mascaras contain Keratin and are approved for contact lens wearers. *Easy to apply eye and lip liners. *Mineral loose powder foundations, oil free compact foundations and moisturizing liquid foundations in a wide variety of colors. *Beautiful shades of blushes and mosaic powders. *All products come in attractive black packaging and are competitively priced. -OFRA Cosmetics Depilatory Wax Range- *Quick, clean and easy waxing system. *Efficient, no mess, no drip, hygienic system of single heaters for roll on wax. *Waxing process is simple and time effective. *Disposable fixed head wax cartridges which are inserted into single wax heater and are ready to use after 10 minutes. *Wax cartridges are available in variety of colors. *The roll on method is fast, easy, and increases client turnover and revenue.