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OFRA COSMETICS offers the best...


Welcome to OFRA Cosmetics, leader in the professional and retail makeup industry. Providing a wide range of make-up, skin care and depilatory products using only the finest ingredients available. OFRA Cosmetics is currently supplying many different countries with new markets opened recently in Hungary and Turkey. The brand won several awards in different countries for their creativity and innovation in the professional make-up industry

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How did OFRA come about?

Ofra Gaito has been a beauty therapist/esthetician and involved in the beauty industry since 1979. She began as a therapist/esthetician working in South Africa and very soon after, she had her own Beauty Salon/Spa, which grew into two salons. These salons were considered the busiest in Johannesburg throughout the 80’s, employing 15 staff members. In the nineties, Ofra began representing a few European cosmetic companies with a distribution network of several hundred salons/spas. In the early nineties, she was offered a distribution opportunity for one of the European cosmetic companies in Australia and New Zealand. Ofra took the opportunity and moved to Australia with her husband and three children and extended her distribution network to 400 salons. She became a market leader in the professional salon business. In the mid nineties, Ofra created her own brand and full make-up range and incorporated that into her distribution network. Ofra saw the opportunity for growth and sold her company in Australia and New Zealand and moved to the United States where she created a skin care, make-up and depilatory wax range, as well. Ofra now has her own Corporate Warehouse/Offices and manufacturing plant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.