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OFRA Cosmetics has an array of different cleansing and toning products to fit your needs. Each product works great on your skin!

Instant Eye Make-Up Remover
Light Green Bottle
Price: $16.50
Hypoallergenic formula that is suitable for the most sensitive eye areas. This formula will remove eye and lip make-up easily even gently smoothing away waterproof makeup. Suitable for people who use contact lenses. Apply on dry cotton pads and remove the eye make-up and lipstick. Repeat if necessary. No stinging, this make up remover leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without any oily residue. The Aloe and Camomile help sooth the area. Can be used after a long trip or when you feel puffiness. Use on cotton wool pads around the eyes for a 20 minute relaxation treatment.

Beautifying Eye Lotion
Blue Bottle
Price: $15
Soothing and decongesting eye lotion. May be used to remove excess eye make-up or used as compresses which are applied around the eyes to reduce puffiness and irritation. Chamomile and Aloe Vera will instantly calm, sooth and reduce dark rings around the eyes. Soak cotton pads with Beautifying Eye Lotion and leave on the eye area for 5 minutes to reduce puffiness and irritation as often as needed.

Essential Toner
Pink Bottle
Price: $16.50
Calming formula to refresh your skin. Suitable for all skin types especially normal to dry skin. Use as a toner/lotion to remove excess of cleanser and to correct the P.H. balance of the skin after the use of water. Recommended for men after shaving. The Foaming Toner can be kept in the car and used instead of wet-ones. To use: Apply on two cotton pads and wipe face and neck. It will leave the skin feeling soft and velvety. If necessary, repeat. It is excellent for men after shaving for soothing results.

Revitalizing Cleanser
White Bottle
Price: $16.50
Suitable for all skin types. To be used morning and evening. This fine formula with aloe vera will remove dead skin cells, excess of sebum and make-up, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Apply to the palm of your hands, rub face and neck gently, and then rinse with warm water. Follow up with a suitable face lotion/toner.

Revitalizing Toner
Dark Green Bottle
Price: $16.50
Suitable for combination, oily and acne skin. Purifying and cleansing formula, which will remove excess cleanser from your face and neck without the harsh ingredients that create excessive dryness to the skin. This product respects the P.H. balance of your skin leaving it fresh and clean. Suitable for combination, oily and acne skin. Use as a toner/lotion. It can also be used on its own to refresh the skin and reduce shiny T zone. To use: Apply into the palm of the hands and massage onto face and neck. Excess can be wiped off with tissue. 

Vitamin C Cleanser
Tan Bottle
Price: $20
Hypoallergenic cleanser for combination to oily skin. Balances oil secretion and clears complexion. Helps clear erupted skin.

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